Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hey! Welcome to my blog!

Hey! Welcome to my blog. Every few days I will post insightful information (at least insightful to me) about current event, politics and market changes that can affect your portfolio! Please come back to check for yourself and see if you like!

...and every post I'll offer my two cents on a stock I think is a look. 

For my first recommendation, consider GE. With the current glut we've been in the past 6 weeks, GE is trading at $18.60 with a P/E of 14.8. Considering it is a diversified pick, expect it to pick up as the overall economy picks up. GE also pays a nice dividend of 3%. If their bid for ING's ING Direct goes through, consider it another great investment they can hang their hat on. In the short term it should be trading at $20 a share with a longterm outlook for $23-24 per share.

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